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Apr 3, 2017 Sustainability

Australian Green Building im电竞下载ios is all about making use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials for building projects. Going green is a widespread phenomenon that most people are getting into, gone are the days when people choose quantity over quality. A sense of meticulousness is evident in terms of purchasing products.

The building industry has a huge impact on the environment. Because of building product manufacturing and the actual methods and practices it takes to construct buildings, the industry is responsible for 30% of the global annual greenhouse gas emissions apart from consuming up to 40% of all energy. These alarming statistics play a huge role in opening the minds of consumers to change the way they buy, and for manufacturers to change the way they produce.

A factor that highly affects a consumer’s purchasing behaviour is the cost. Naturally, people are drawn to buying products that cost less. This practice is slowly phasing out because more people are aware that cheaper products are prone to damage. The society’s purchasing habits are slowly shifting from buying cheap yet defective products, to investing in high quality items that ensure high performance.

Spreading awareness and going deeper into this topic will surely open more minds to the importance of sustainable purchasing. At this year’s im电竞下载ios Expo, a talk on Australian Green Building im电竞下载ios will be discussed by David Baggs, CEO & Program Director of Global GreenTag Product Certification, and a sustainability consultant with over 35 years of experience. Find out more about this session here.


About the Author: Spec-Net

This article was first published by im电竞下载ios Media partner,  Spec-Net . The Spec-Net Building Directory commenced in 1994 and since then their news portal has grown to attract over 10 million visitors per annum. Thieir audience demographics are architects, im电竞下载iosers, engineers, contractors, building companies, building manufacturers both commercial and domestic.

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