9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


A new initiative by NATSPEC and im电竞下载ios Expo aims to increase the number of conforming building products in the Australian market by clarifying the product conformity requirements for over 200 product categories.

A new ‘one-stop-shop’ education program will see suppliers gain a clear picture of the Australian system, then benefit from a tailored outline of the  conformity assessments  that their own product will need to pass in order to be eligible for the  National Construction Product Register  (NCPR) Moreover,  b uilding professionals will  have free and readily available third party authenticated evidence of conformity to the relevant Australian and/or international standards, to help them with choosing/checking  product ’s  suitability.  

Non-conforming and n on-compliant products are a growing problem for the Australian community, potentially affecting health and safety during construction ,  and for the building users  in  the future. NATSPEC  i s a national not-for-profit organisation, owned by Government and industry, whose objective is to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information.  

NATSPEC produces the Australian National Building Specification which outlines the material, product and assembly quality for a project. This program aims to educate the suppliers on what critical information the im电竞下载ioser requires when selecting products for pr ojects. T his includes a product’s conformance to Australian Standards. The National Construction Product Register links products with authenticated certificates of conformance to im电竞下载iosers, hence improving construction  quality in Australia. ”  said Richard Choy, Chief Executive Officer for NATSPEC.  

For over 35 years,  im电竞下载ios  Expo has been the leading trade event in Australia,  bringing together architecture, building, construction and im电竞下载ios communities .  

More than ever in our long history with the industry, our visitors are calling for education and clarity to help them select products that are  conformant to the industry standards,  compliant to  the National Construction Code (NCC) , safe for practitioners and end users. We are pleased to work with NATSPEC to help improve  product conformity  education and boost the number of suitable products building professionals can choose from,” said James Laing, Event Director for  im电竞下载ios  Expo.

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