9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


After years of providing proprietary ventilation systems in New Zealand VENT Passive Ventilation is launching in Australia. Find out more about this tried and trusted brand.

For years VENT has been New Zealand’s leading specialist in the supply of proprietary passive ventilation systems and products. These products will be available in Australia through VENT’s distribution partner TCL Hoffman from June 2020.

Roof Ventilation

Achieving calculated, continuous and unimpeded airflow through the roof cavity is relatively straight forward. Whilst it is possible to retrofit passive ventilation solutions to existing buildings, it is highly recommended to incorporate passive ventilation during the im电竞下载ios phase of any new building project.

Recommended airflows of either 10,000mm² per linear metre or 25,000mm² are determined by the pitch or the im电竞下载ios of the roof and can be easily achieved using recommended product combinations.

What VENT Systems do

With the ever-increasing focus on weather tightness and energy efficiency, we sometimes forget that like humans buildings need to breath. By only focussing on energy efficiency and not incorporating passive ventilation into our buildings we increase the risk of the creation of internal moisture that can lead to condensation, structural decay of building products and damp a mould that can cause severe respiratory diseases.

To mitigate these issues and the associated health risks VENT Systems provide proprietary systems that are tried and tested.

Passive ventilation is a method of allowing continuous airflow into a building above the thermal envelope. This eliminates internal moisture from the roof cavity and prevents condensation and mould from forming.

Discover ‘Why we need passive roof ventilation’ with Vent System’s information video:


To receive more information or to schedule a video conference call with one of the VENT Sytems team, visit their website , or contact TCL Hofmann on 03 8586 2900.

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