9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


What’s the best flooring for a kitchen?

Kitchens are quite often the hub in any home; families and friends alike congregate here, making it the busiest room in terms of foot traffic.

Four top Australian interior im电竞下载ios looks for winter warmth

As the seasons change, we are often presented with a slew of new interior fixtures and fittings to inspire our spaces.

Optimising bedroom space with integrated wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are no longer an afterthought, but an integrated part of bedroom im电竞下载ios that reflects personal style. A well-im电竞下载iosed wardrobe can make a striking visual impact whilst providing functionality, optimising space and bringing some order into the homeowner’s life.

The revolving door of indoor greenery trends

Indoor plants, similar to all fashion trends, have been in and out of favour for centuries. In our current modern Western culture, indoor plants are back in vogue more than ever.

How hospitality im电竞下载ios is influencing the workplace

It is evident how much the workplace has changed over the past decade or so. Cubicles and bland strip lighting have been replaced by comfortable co-working spaces, with employees more likely to show up in shorts and sneakers than in a suit.

Colour palettes inspired by global trends

In our fast-paced world consumed by digital evolution, social media, conflicting politics and increasing pollution; there are more and more influences on our views and what resonates with us. For 2018, Wattyl created four colour palettes that reflect our lifestyles – both in reality and in aspiration.

Green with envy at the office

Research shows that incorporating nature into workplace im电竞下载ios has a significant impact on employees’ happiness, wellbeing and productivity.

Four newly im电竞下载iosed public beach amenities in Australia

If fugly brick shacks along our iconic beaches ain’t floating your boat, don’t worry, our best im电竞下载iosers have got your back. They’ve been busy creating insta-worthy beach amenities to ensure you look and feel just as good whether you’re in or out of the water.

Five im电竞下载ioss steps to creating an award-winning bathroom

It’s not surprising that bathrooms are one of the top areas for complaints in the workplace—they’re often a im电竞下载ios afterthought.

Five fresh new cafés in Melbourne and Sydney

When it comes to café culture, Australia really does take the cake. But the im电竞下载ios experience is just as important as the food, and, thankfully, we’re not in short supply of talented creatives either.

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