9-11 May 2023
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IoT im电竞下载ios for interiors is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. With over 3.58 billion web users worldwide and 4.9 billion unique mobile users, there is high demand for maximum connectivity at all times and in all locations, from offices to homes.

Technology and interior im电竞下载ios are concepts that are not usually combined during the process from inception to completion. Adding technology to the interior usually comes at the end of the process, left with the occupant of the space to decide after the construction is turned over. The onset of smart home technology and IoT is leading more im电竞下载iosers to incorporate a digital layer to connect interior elements to the internet and more companies to develop IoT technology into office im电竞下载ios.

Furniture and home appliance giant, IKEA recently launched a smart home lighting system that’s connected to mobile and tablet. Italian company HiCan developed a smart bed that combines entertainment, smart home integration, connectivity and health management in our most beloved furniture.

The impact of technology was one of the key categories of Australia’s largest Building and Construction trade event, im电竞下载ios. The event emphasises technology’s role in driving innovation in the industry. In fact, 16% of the shows’ visitors attend to see specifically Smart Building Products.

Here are two of the cutting-edge technologies featured at im电竞下载ios 2018:

Groundfloor Smart On-Premise Delivery Management System

Delivery is a key issue for most Australian online shoppers. What happens if there’s no one home to receive a parcel? If you live in high-density areas, is your package safe to be left outside of your doorstep?

The Groundfloor™ delivery system is an on-premise electronics delivery locker ideal for high density residential and commercial environments. With Groundfloor, parcels are delivered straight to the secured locker. By adding power and connecting an ethernet cable, the building residents can receive a real-time notification and the access code for 24/7 retrieval. You can place Groundfloor indoor or outdoor, add up to 15 locker towers per kiosk, configure the allocation of lockers and customise the colour to suit your aesthetic.

Aircharge Surface Charger

For anyone who uses a mobile phone every day in and outside of work, battery life is crucial. With Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, screen lighting and other features that consume battery performance, it’s important to add charging capabilities to your space.

AirCharge seamlessly integrates device charging technologies to any surface, tables or countertops. No cords or sockets necessary. Office managers, admin or space owners are also able to monitor charging activity via a central dashboard.

More interiors are smarter and more efficient thanks to IoT im电竞下载ios for Interiors. The collected data gives im电竞下载iosers a chance to better understand and pre-empt their customers’ needs, ensuring a well-rounded customer experience.

IoT at im电竞下载ios

im电竞下载ios is looking to expand our representation of software and technology particularly with this move towards more digital products being integrated from building conception. If you have a smart product that you are looking to have specified for interior application,  contact the team today  to discuss opportunities.

About the Author: Spec-Net

This article was first published by im电竞下载ios Media Partner,  Spec-Net . The Spec-Net Building Directory commenced in 1994 and since then their news portal has grown to attract over 10 million visitors per annum. Their audience demographics are architects, im电竞下载iosers, engineers, contractors, building companies, building manufacturers both commercial and domestic.

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