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Sep 22, 2015 Landscape & Urban

Spring traditionally brings the promise of new life, and likewise on the interiors front, the season customarily calls for a refresh.

Whether you’re due for a thorough Spring clean or gearing up for a more involved renovation, keeping abreast of current trends will help inform your im电竞下载ios and give it a contemporary edge. Much of the im电竞下载ios zeitgeist is dictated by a feeling of overwhelming urbanism particularly relevant to inner city dwellers relegated to restrictive yard or balcony space. Naturally, in a climate of high density, society’s yearning for the outdoors grows ever stronger.

Skylights have long provided a direct line to the outdoors, and can work to extend the feeling of space in a small interior. Even in rooms with no direct access to rooflines, as in multi-storey buildings, highly reflective sun tunnels such as those by Velux can bend around internal structures to borrow natural light. A revolutionary new light source by Italian company CoeLux recreates the appearance and quality of natural light so faultlessly that both the human eye and cameras register it as sunlight.

Indoor plants, a staple of the 70s and 80s, have experienced a revival in recent years as an affordable method of connecting to the natural world. Structural, low-maintenance plants such as cacti and succulents do well in confined spaces, and green wall systems are a popular way to make textural installations indoors. Another backyard element finding a place in the home is outdoor furniture. Australian im电竞下载ios house Tait has developed a playfully colourful range with robust utilitarian appeal, as applicable indoors as out.

The industrial look is now ubiquitous in varying degrees of worn authenticity, with stripped back surfaces de rigeur across grungey hospitality venues and polished warehouse apartments alike. Perhaps it is this that has given rise to a staunch resurgence in brick, an outdoor cladding material, as an interior feature. Of the trend, Brett Ward, Brickworks’ general manager of marketing says, “Even in a normal house, (architects) are using bricks in breezewalls, and im电竞下载iosing really intricate, detailed brickwork. So I think what we’ve seen is that it has become a more textural, sculptural material than it has been traditionally”.

By bringing elements of the outdoors in this season, the architecture and im电竞下载ios community are able to replicating ideal living conditions as a way to enhance the quality of multi residential apartments and introduce a fresh outlook to traditional housing.

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