9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


As im电竞下载ios 2018 fast approaches, it’s always a challenge to source and celebrate everything new and exciting for the year.

So, we’ve done the hard work and profiled three exhibitors following the event’s ‘it’s all in the detail’ tagline. They’re now poised to show off their latest and greatest innovations for you. Enjoy!

  1. Access BDD

We’re particularly excited to welcome Access BDD to im电竞下载ios for the first time this year. Branded under ThyssenKrupp, Access BDD has created an expansive range of home lifts, including two new offerings: Altura Gold and Altura Diamond. The entire Altura family of home lifts are made with the latest innovative technology and boast luxurious fittings and interior details. For example, the Altura Diamond features a range of internal finishes with accent details, plus sound levels quieter than the ambient noise of a silent room. The Altura Gold has an open-sided platform and im电竞下载ios that can be installed into small spaces with minimal construction work.

At im电竞下载ios, Access BDD are building a two-storey stand to demonstrate how the lifts work, so this a stand definitely worth a visit.



  1. PowerHouse Homes

PowerHouse Homes is a Melbourne-based company that specialises in prefabricated housing and providing eco-friendly im电竞下载ioss at an affordable price. This is the second time the company has joined im电竞下载ios as an exhibitor, and this year they are back with their latest contribution to innovation – a real life prefab house they will build onsite.

Waco Tao, the company’s CEO, is speaking on a panel about whether prefab housing is an opportunity or a threat to the construction industry. Although prefab building presents promising opportunities to both consumers and the building industry, it still requires commitment by major industry bodies and a shift in the mass appeal for modular homes.

His business focuses on research and development, with the overall aim to bridge the gap between the housing crisis and housing affordability in Australia. PowerHouse Homes projects are im电竞下载iosed with affordability and sustainability in mind and, with their innovative and unique formula, is considered one of the world’s market leaders in prefab housing.


  1. Paarhammer  

We’re delighted to welcome Paarhammer back to im电竞下载ios for the 27 th year. Paarhammer is well-known for their superior craftsmanship and commitment to the environment through the production of windows and doors.

Their stand this year will feature an Architectural Innovation section, showcasing window and door hardware, silicones, connectors and other hardware solutions for complex projects. They will also exhibit two new products: the energy efficient Wood-Alu range of windows and doors, as well as Invisi Frame.

Wood-Alu offers the warmth of timber on the inside, with low maintenance, engineered aluminium on the outside, plus a narrow strip on the sash to present a modern look. Patented German hardware provides unparalleled security and strength with very low U-ratings and air infiltration, and high noise reduction. Invisi Frame is a brand-new product from one of Paarhammer’s suppliers in Europe. It is a fixed, frameless window and façade system without drainage requirements, providing a greater, seamless indoor/outdoor experience for commercial or large scale residential projects.

Photo credit: Peter Hyatt Photography

These are just three of the great exhibitors that are showcasing their products and materials at im电竞下载ios 2018. View the full exhibitor directory here to see the other brands that are exhibiting alongside Access BDD, PowerHouse Homes and Paarhammer. Register free for entry to im电竞下载ios here to save $25 on the door.

About the Author: Annie Reid

Annie Reid is a qualified journalist, professional copywriter and published author with a passion for everything bricks and mortar. For many years, she’s written thousand of stories for newspapers, magazines and clients around the world. Somewhere between the heady buzz of headlines and deadlines, she discovered a niche for creating tailor made content for the property, real estate, architecture and im电竞下载ios industries. Annie holds a Bachelor of Arts and is currently studying a Masters in Publishing and Communications, both from the University of Melbourne.

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