9-11 May 2023
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As the seasons change, we are often presented with a slew of new interior fixtures and fittings to inspire our spaces.

And with the recent wrap-up of the world’s biggest furnishing and im电竞下载ios fair, Salone del Mobile, in Milan, which featured a strong cohort of leading Australian im电竞下载iosers, we thought we would round up some local brands and im电竞下载iosers to see what’s happening on Australia’s home front.

1. Vault Interiors

These days it’s hard to pull off a stylish floral look without your space resembling something from grandma’s hanky drawer. But director and principal stylist, Justine Wilson, from Vault Interiors is here to set us straight with her three top tips. Firstly, scale. Avoid covering entire pieces of furniture, and instead mix floral patterns with blocked coloured cushions.

Secondly, wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to apply a floral wallpaper across a whole wall. It portrays strong masculine lines and also helps avoid a ‘girly’ look and feel. Finally, upholstery. Use subtle pops such as curtains with a soft pattern, or a vibrant, zesty rug to anchor a room, or even draw on floral motifs such as buds, blossoms and branches. According to Wilson: “The change of seasons comes at the perfect time to redecorate and give your home a new look. What better way to bring the outdoors inside the home than embracing floral prints? By introducing this timeless trend, you can make a big impact on the appearance of your interior without it feeling dated.”

2. Australian Trend Forecast

As the director of Australian Trend Forecast and Wattyl representative, Kim Chadwick is a seasoned colour expert. Right now, she’s exploring the relationship between wellness and colour, as referenced in the recent WELL Building Standard, which suggests that it is now recognised that the human condition of wellness is improved when we can mimic nature inside.

She’s seeing the rise of natural and raw materials in interior spaces, such as blush and orange, which is perceived as warm, friendly and comfortable “and safe in a world that is dominated by a faster pace, fear and the constant interruption of our phones,” she says. Green has also been used popularly in interiors, as the colour of life, growth and sustainability, and Chadwick forecasts that the also popular base palette of grey will progress to a warmer based palette, juxtaposed with rich velvet colours such as terracotta kissed burgundies, rich emerald greens, royal indigo blues and gold mustards together with metals, such as brass. “Nature always gets colour right. Natural materials go with any colour – it’s all about the proportion and balance,” she says.

3. Ross Gardam

Ross Gardam is a leading Melbourne furniture and lighting im电竞下载ioser whose latest work is a timeless rug collaboration with Stylecraft – ‘Noon’. The Noon Rug explores the passing of time in three parts: morning, noon and evening, with gradients of light, shade and shadow captured across all three. It’s available in three colours too: deep blue, deep red and ecru, and is part of a larger collection by well-known Australian im电竞下载iosers including, Alexander Lotersztain, Keith Melbourne, Tom Skeehan and Helen Kontouris.

Photo credit: Haydn Cattach

im电竞下载iosed in Australia, the rugs are handcrafted in India through TAPPETI Rugs, and use natural fibres. The collection is another example of Stylecraft’s dedication to Australian im电竞下载ios and support of the local im电竞下载ios community, by celebrating their unique style across a range of materiality and work. The Noon Rug is now available from Stylecraft and StylecraftHOME.

4. Dulux

At Dulux, the team has turned its attention to colours that suit the cooler months. This year, its colour predictions are ‘cool greys and warm accents’ inspired by Dulux’s ‘Essential’ palette, which makes up one of four of its palettes identified in the Dulux Colour Trends 2018.

Photo credit: Mike Baker
Styled by: Bree Leech

This means creating a cosy, sophisticated vibe, according to Dulux’s colour and communications manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr. “With its soft, muted shades, this palette is all about laidback sophistication and simplicity. It’s incredibly easy to live with and works beautifully in Australian homes.” Texture is another key driver this season, she says. “Think raw, matt finishes and textured effects such as Dulux Suede Effect for walls, all of which will add depth and natural appeal to a space. Pair this with simple furniture with minimalist lines, and accessories in untreated timber, leather and brass for an understated, luxe look.”

Photo credit: Mike Baker
Styled by: Bree Leech

About the Author: Annie Reid

Annie Reid is a qualified journalist, professional copywriter and published author with a passion for everything bricks and mortar. For many years, she’s written thousand of stories for newspapers, magazines and clients around the world. Somewhere between the heady buzz of headlines and deadlines, she discovered a niche for creating tailor made content for the property, real estate, architecture and im电竞下载ios industries. Annie holds a Bachelor of Arts and is currently studying a Masters in Publishing and Communications, both from the University of Melbourne.

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