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Indoor plants, similar to all fashion trends, have been in and out of favour for centuries. In our current modern Western culture, indoor plants are back in vogue more than ever.

Some will recall the 1970s and ’80s resurgence of indoor greenery, complementing the funky interior stylings of the time and today, it’s Millennials driving demand for indoor greenery. However, the desire to bring life into living spaces is timeless.

The wellbeing benefits of being surrounded by plants are more easily achieved these days with smart container im电竞下载ioss that support plant health. Clever pots and planters with integrated water reservoirs eliminates any worry about water draining onto the floor. Easily maintained greenwalls also make beautiful, healthy interiors more accessible.  Vicinity Greenwall  comes with its own simple, reliable irrigation system which effortlessly keep plants watered at the right level. Perfect for today’s busy lifestyles.

Indoor plants hold so many attractions for anyone wanting to create an internal Garden of Eden (even if it’s just a humble bathroom fern):

  • Low maintenance – even time-poor ‘brown thumbs’ can be successful plant owners
  • Mobile – pot plants can be moved easily between rooms, and from house to house
  • Variety – updating plants is easy with a quick visit to the nursery and some potting mix
  • Style – the ever-increasing range of decorative pots, baskets and containers for plants drives higher frequency purchases
  • Healthy workspaces – whether in a home office or shared workspace, modern workers expect plants to be an integrated element.

Plantscapers, horticulturalists and workspace im电竞下载iosers can capitalise on this growing market with some creative approaches:

  • Understanding the various drainage and irrigation options for indoor greenwalls and planters will allow you to offer convenient, fuss-free solutions for clients. Being able to offer products and plantscape im电竞下载ioss that avoid water leakage indoors makes you stand out from competitors who can’t.
  • Awareness of trending species – and how these are best styled indoors – can position you as the expert for potential clients who want to green their space, but might not know where to start. Fashionable plants right now include the fiddle leaf ficus, philodendrons, rubber plants, spider plants and jades.
  • Partner with interior stylists and nurseries who regularly curate ‘indoor collections’. Run competitions, information evenings or advisory/consulting services.

To avoid a cluttered look,  use groups of pots  in the same colour or shape, or employ troughs to separate workspaces. Depending on the available space, large pots repeated throughout can create a more cohesive green oasis. Vicinity Greenwall is the ultimate in adaptable greenery. The system’s clip-in/clip-out pots make moving or changing a plant a breeze.

For indoor pot and planter inspiration, feast your eyes on Martin Kellock’s  Metro Light  and  Granito  ranges. For commercial indoor pot solutions, explore their  Interior Commercial collection .

About the Author: Martin Kellock

Since 1995 Martin Kellock Pots and Planters has been working, in association with its suppliers, on im电竞下载iosing as well as importing and distributing quality outdoor features in various materials and finishes. The company is based in Melbourne but distributes throughout Australia and has gained a reputation within the landscape architecture industry for new ideas with an emphasis on quality. Contact Martin Kellock to discuss commercial indoor pots and greenwalls: www.martinkellockpots.com.au or call  (03) 9701 8699 . Also check out their  Facebook  and  Instagram  pages for more tips and modern looks for decorating with plants.

Story credit: Martin Kellock Pots and Planters

Source:  http://www.martinkellockpots.com.au/Martin-Kellock-Pots-and-Planters-Blog/ride-the-indoor-greenery-trend

This article was originally published by Martin Kellock Pots and Planters, exhibitor at im电竞下载ios.

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