9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


In our fast-paced world consumed by digital evolution, social media, conflicting politics and increasing pollution; there are more and more influences on our views and what resonates with us. For 2018, Wattyl created four colour palettes that reflect our lifestyles - both in reality and in aspiration.

Unlike many colour trend forecasts, Wattyl’s predictions are based on extensive global research into lifestyles and the multiple factors affecting our sense of place and wellbeing. Findings point to an increased focus on the home being considered a place to retreat from the fast pace of everyday life and recharge.

And while each of us is increasingly dependent on technology, the research suggests we have a growing sense of nostalgia; a yearning for simpler times as a counter balance to the clamour and pace of the outside world.

Nowstalgia: There is a desire to return to a time when life was simple and optimistic. We are drawn to ideas, memories and objects of a bygone era. There is an attraction to the tactility of a vinyl record, the magic of a Polaroid picture and the individuality of vintage im电竞下载ios. The sentimental but upbeat look echo mid-century modern im电竞下载ios of Palm Springs with a hint of luxe! Colours include Midnight Seas, Silver Shadow, Gold Mine, Fifi and Space Odyssey.

Grounded: There is rising importance for many of us to gain meaning and purpose in our lives. We are making mission-minded lifestyle decisions and are basing our purchasing decisions off our values rather than marketing-created desires. The demand for brand honesty continues to increase and our desire to move to a life of self-sufficiency is emerging as a new status symbol. We are becoming more aware and connected to the natural environment and embrace the botanical and the mineral palettes that nature boasts. Colours include Grey Ember, Sashimi, Fossilised, Bobby Brown, Calcium.

Mood Monitor: Our health and well-being is becoming ever increasingly important to us. We require time out, time to reset and strengthen our bodies and minds. The desire to improve ourselves and regain focus is vital for our resilience and evolution. We require space to clear our minds and uninterrupted time to think and reconnect with ourselves. Our homes morph into zen-like spaces suspended in time. Colour and light stimulate our dormant senses and we can breathe. Colours include Coastal Views, Posh Pink, Alta Sierra, Imperium

The Slow Down: In a bid to manage our connected and busy lifestyles we are searching for moments and ways to slow down. We want to spend more time at home, enjoying the rest and recreation our personal spaces offer us. The Fear of Missing Out has become the Joy of Missing Out. Silence is golden. Spatial energy and a respect for our environments are portrayed through mindful use and thoughtful inclusions. Colours are soft and quiet including Baby Seal, Subtle Hint, Pilbara Sand, Sheer Granite.

The 2018 Colour Palettes are available in Wattyl’s ultra premiumid Interior low VOC paints – Contemporary Matt, Luxury Low Sheen, Silky Satin and Advanced Low Sheen. Visit the Wattyl team on Stand H46 at im电竞下载ios 2018 to discuss their colour trend forecast and your paint requirements in more detail.

As Corporate Partner for im电竞下载ios 2018, the Seminar Theatre is presented by Wattyl. Register in advance and book into one of the seminars to make the most of your visit to the event.

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