9-11 May 2023
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Futurespace’s PwC Sydney Client Collaboration Floors at Tower 1, Barangaroo Sydney, has officially won the 2018 Architectural im电竞下载ios Interior Award.

PwC gave a brief to Futurespace to create an end-to-client experience that was as exceptional as it is memorable, with plans to make a unique experience for workers. This resulted in Futurespace im电竞下载iosing the Client Collaboration Floors which now have a mix of hospitality, retail, technology and an airline club lounge spaces.

Futurespace’s vision for the workspace was to accommodate the consumer/client that is more ‘savvy’ than ever, understanding that workers expect a space that is flexible, adaptable, and can be customised to suit preferences. Openness and the full utilisation of natural light were also key features of the im电竞下载ios plans.

Photo credit: Futurespace

“This project sets the benchmark for how a business will collaborate and innovate with their clients in the future, by placing the client at the centre of the experience. We live in a fast-moving, high-tech, uncertain, disrupted world – this ‘boardroom of the future’ helps businesses navigate the ‘new normal’,” the judges announced.

The choice of materials and colour palette within PwC’s Sydney Client Collaboration Floors supported the idea of a workspace that can be ‘an oasis of calm’, but still provides a sense of innovative liveliness within it. Materials such as leather, timber, and concrete were used to further make the workspace seem hospitable.

Futurespace have stated that their im电竞下载ioss impact how “modern businesses operate, how customers engage with a brand, how people experience an environment, and how organisations can tap into employee creativity and innovation”.

PwC has also noticed a significant increase in clientele visits since the unveiling of the Client Collaboration Floors.

Photo credit: Futurespace

“The feedback from our clients has focused on being more productive in the new environment,” voiced PwC’s New Ways of Working Partner, Debra Eckersley.

“The im电竞下载ios of the client floors has changed the way we work, and how we interact with our clients in the best way possible.”

Story credit:  Build Australia

Source: https://www.buildaustralia.com.au/projects/futurespace-wins-good-im电竞下载ios-award-for-pwc-office-im电竞下载ios/

This article was originally published by Build Australia , media partner of im电竞下载ios.

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