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Viega is the world leader in pressing technology and among the leading manufacturers of installation technology. Viega products are used around the world.

Sanpress Inox

Sanpress Inox

Viega’s Sanpress Inox stainless steel press connections are im电竞下载iosed to provide the highest degree of safety in drinking water installations. The system’s versatility means it can be used for residential, industrial and gas installations.

The high-grade stainless steel Viega Sanpress Inox system encompasses a comprehensive range of press connectors, pipe and system fittings for plumbing and building services. The focus is on safety, hygiene, ease of use, precision and durability. It’s an ideal alternative for applications or environments which are unsuitable for copper installations.

The Sanpress Inox press connectors are made of high-alloyed non-rusting stainless steel and are – like all other components of the system – available in sizes between 15 and 108mm. This ensures they are particularly suitable for use in industrial applications.

A key component of Viega’s Sanpress Inox system is the innovative Smart Connect Feature , a small channel on the bead of the press connector which enables testing for un-pressed fittings of a complete installation, centrally and conveniently using a manometer.

Dry leakage and load testing using compressed air is also possible. This provides hygienic advantages, as it prevents water being present in the system between the completion of the installation and its commissioning.

At the heart of the Sanpress Inox system is the Viega press technology. The connectors are pressed with Viega’s light and practical press tools in a matter of seconds and are permanently secure without the danger of fire and time-consuming fire prevention measures. Since the pipes are cold-pressed, there is no risk of fire as is the case with welding or soldering. As a result, Sanpress is suitable for refurbishments and extensions.

Press ring sets

Viega press rings 3

Viega’s ring jaw sets were developed in response to customer feedback and ongoing research and development. They are im电竞下载iosed for pressing DN15-DN32 for use with the Picco tool, and DN15-DN100 for use with the Pressgun 4B or Pressgun 5.

The individual ring jaws can be placed around fittings which are very close to surfaces and other obstructions and then pressed using a clamping jaw fitted to the pressing tool. The combination of a 360° positionable ring jaw, a 180° rotatable tool head and the 180° tool pivoting range during pressing makes virtually any tight spot accessible. The ring jaw sets plus swivel tool heads means infinite adjustment for really tight spaces.

The hinged press jaw with press rings for the Viega Propress range is ideal for building sites where space is particularly restricted. Typical examples are installations of pipes in the supply ducts or in the floor and ceiling openings. In this situation, even compact pressing tools breach their limits.

Information provided by Lisa Llewellyn of Llewellyn Communications Pty Ltd on behalf of Viega.

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