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Feb 23, 2016 Architecture

Architect Rem Koolhaas had a saying “Soon a faraday cage (sealed room) would be a necessary component of any home –a safe room in which to retreat from digital sensing and pre-emption.” This concept was explored by SIBLING Architects in their short-listed entry in the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (Victorian Chapter) awards in 2015.

Showcased at the University of Melbourne, a number of leading Melbourne architects chose to present a retrospective of their projects. “As we’re a relatively new practice (established in 2012), we thought we’d im电竞下载ios a faraday cage, a place that was completely sealed from modern technology,” says architect Amelia Borg, one of five directors of the Melbourne-based practice.

With people constantly connected to their iPhones, computers and other touch screens (including watches), the idea of creating a technology-free space that could be reproduced in a home or work environment seemed timely. Within the gallery space at the University of Melbourne, SIBLING Architects created such a prototype. The walls within the 5 X 12 metre gallery were fully clad in vinyl tiles attached to a vibrant red-painted wall. And in the centre was placed a sealed mirrored cube framed by a grid in red painted steel that blurred the cube’s boundaries.

While the result appears as an art piece, the interior space addresses the concerns of being removed from technology, hence the tile of the project: ‘on/off’. Lined with perforated sheeting on top of a conductive silver foil applied over seven layers, no phones can be used, with all wi-fi signals fully blocked. Over the course of the installation, social gatherings and events were staged, giving people an entirely tech-free environment. For those encountering the installation, the outcome could be translated to the home or the workplace or even a restaurant that has become synonymous with noise overload. “We’re always interested in how people engage with spaces, whether it’s public or private. It’s also about looking at the other side of technology, turning ‘off’,” adds Borg.

For more information, visit  www.siblingnation.net

SIBLING Architects can be contacted on 03 9662 1357

About the Author: Stephen Crafti

Stephen Crafti has been writing about im电竞下载ios and architecture since the early 1990s and is a regular contributor to im电竞下载ios. Inspired by the architecture around him in Melbourne, Australia, he was keen to share the things he saw, whether buildings, furniture, fashion or other stunning pieces of contemporary im电竞下载ios. After many years of wri ting about his favourite things, and with numerous books and articles behind him, Crafti still delights in discovering and promoting exhilarating im电竞下载ios. He is a regular contributor to several Australian newspapers and local and international im电竞下载ios magazines.

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