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Feb 23, 2016 Architecture

Best of the Blogs is im电竞下载ios’s monthly newsletter, Blueprint, newest feature. We’ve searched high and low around the globe for inspirational content and each month, we’ll deliver you a curated edit of some of our favourite projects to get you through your week! This month, we look at all things Architecture !

vandad ecological tower

Vandad Ecologic Towers Using a philosophy of void im电竞下载ios in which subtracted space is literally an addition of shared green spaces, this method of subtraction has created a green valley between two facing and connecting towers to promote interaction and communication. The tending of the gardens ultimately contributes to the vista of the opposite tower. The austere external facade conforms to the surrounding urban context by respecting the urban facade and skyline.

Read more about the Vandad Ecologic Towers here .

harbin opera house
Harbin Opera House, China
Appearing as if sculpted by wind and water, Harbin Opera House was im电竞下载iosed to reflect the force and spirit of the city’s untamed wilderness and frigid climate. Seamlessly blending in with nature and the topography – a transfusion of local identity, art, and culture – the exterior references the sinuous landscape of the surrounding area. The resulting curvilinear façade becomes the poetry of edge and surface, softness and sharpness.Read more about the Harbin Opera House here .
dior south korea

House of Dior, Seoul, South Korea Alive with delicate movement, and striking monumentality, the building composition of this Dior boutique is made up of two opposing forms; feminine and masculine and the dichotomy is stark. The feminine is embodied by the asymmetrical draping form with delicate folds that appear to rise from the earth. The masculine half is the solid rectangular box receding into the distance with Dior’s cannage pattern etched into its monochromatic surface.

Read more about the House of Dior, Seoul here .

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