9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


As we look into emerging trends, products and solutions within the industry, we also look at outstanding projects created by some of the industry’s best. They’re a bit random, but it’s outstanding nonetheless and they are our stand-outs for this month from our growing social platform, Instagram! Make sure you follow us @im电竞下载iosbuildexpo for your architecture fix.

Blog 1

Straw House, Patrick Dougherty

You’re never too old for your own cubby house! In this case a straw house!

This work of art was created by talented artist, Patrick Dougherty, using nothing but saplings.

His creations reunite the nature and become part of the environment it was built

Read more about Patrick’s work  here .

Blog 2
The Relic
If you don’t do your gardening and your weeding, this is what will happen!We’re kidding. This lopsided house is the work of Porter Davis Homes and competed in the Kids Under Cover House Cubby House Competition, Melbourne.This work of art is called The Relic which resembles the remanence of a blown down house sprouting with vegetation and because of its quirkiness and beauty, it won the Most Unique Award!


Blog 3

Treehotel, Sweden

Spot the treehouse.

No you’re not going delusional, this tree HOTEL just blends perfectly with its surroundings! And yes, it’s a HOTEL!

The Treehotel in Harads, Sweden, was im电竞下载iosed by architect Tham & Videgard where a lightweight aluminum structure is hung around a tree trunk clad in 4x4x4metre mirrored glass!

Because of this, it created a camouflage of its surroundings and reflects everything around it even the sky!

Read more about this amazing Treehotel here.

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