9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


As we look into emerging talents and those who have made an impact within the industry, we also look at outstanding projects created by some of the industry’s best. They’re a bit random, but it’s outstanding nonetheless and they are our stand-outs for this month from our growing social platform, Instagram! Make sure you follow us @im电竞下载iosbuildexpo for your daily architecture fix.


ReGen Villages

Danish studio EFFEKT has envisioned a self-sustaining, off-grid village of greenhouse properties.

ReGen Villages imagines a community of buildings that produce all their own food and energy through a series of attached greenhouses, which will allow families to grow fruit, farm aquaponics and recycle waste products.

Individual homes would integrate photovoltaic solar panels to generate power and heat water. They would also feature passive heating and cooling systems, as well as natural ventilation, helping to keep electrical demand low.

Read more about the ReGen Villages  here.

Glamping on the Rock camping ground
Located near Seoul, ArchiWorkshop has completed a luxury camping facility comprising of three wooden cabins and cluster of membranous sleeping pods raised above the rocky terrain on stilts.This glamping site is also surrounded for its arboretum, pine forests and mountainous landscapes so you’ll definitely feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, one with nature, especially as this site celebrates its natural characteristics while blending modern amenities.

Read more about the Glamping on the Rock camping site  here.

Carlton Hotel, St Moritz

This luxury hotel is located in St. Moritz in Switzerland and was built in 1913 and then restyled by im电竞下载ioser, Carlo Rampazzi, in 2007.

With 60 suites full of atmosphere and views of the lake and mountain as well as a 1200 m2 wellness centre with panoramic views, this hotel has won several international acclaims for its architecture and interior im电竞下载ios while also serving all the needs of its customers giving them the full winter experience.

Read more about the Carlton Hotel, St Moritz  here.


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