9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


Before we open the doors for im电竞下载ios for the 30th year, we’ve searched the globe for inspirational content of some of our favourite projects to get you through the last few weeks before the show! This month, we look at our favourites from our new social platform, Instagram!

Intoxia Building

Angular balconies edged with reflective steel surround this apartment building in the French city of Nantes , providing occupants on each level with unobstructed views.

im电竞下载iosed by Christophe Rousselle, the Inoxia apartments feature cantilevered balconies with irregular edges that disrupt the density of the building and provide areas where residents can look up, unimpeded, towards the sky. Ridged stainless-steel paneling applied to the front of the balconies produces distorted reflections of the sky, which help to lighten the appearance of the building.

“Seen from afar, the main building, created by offset volumes, emerges as a single pile, a slim, light silhouette with myriad reflections” said the architect

Read more about the Intoxia Building here.

Masow im电竞下载ios Studio – Glass Treehouse
A Masow im电竞下载ios Studio has unveiled plans to build a glass house that wraps around a gigantic living tree in the woods of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Reinventing the concept of the treehouse, the home’s circular glass façade envelopes the entire tree to create a place for contemplations and peaceful solitude. The house is to be built using metal columns, plasterboard panels, concrete, wooden flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows. The home’s staircases wind around the tree as if it were the central pillar of the tower.

Read more about the Mascow im电竞下载ios Studio Glass Treehouse here.

Dorte Mandrup Abstract Lookout Tower

Visualized as an abstract and sculptural object from afar, the new viewing tower by Copenhagen practice Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter serves as a beacon by the harbor at Aarhus, Denmark. Names ‘The Saiing Tower’, the urban sculpture features a white steel body punctuated by circular perforations. The landmark explores experience through movement and encourages visitors to climb up to an upper platform to enjoy the water and city views. The structure seemingly hovers above the water; its folded geometry referencing its maritime context, while perforations in the steel plated structure serve as viewing ‘portholes’.

Read more about the Dorte Mandrup Abstract Lookout Tower  here.

Don’t forget to check out this month’s newsletter, the Pre-Show Issue, and come down to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre 4-6 May, for the 2016 im电竞下载ios Expo!

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