9-11 May 2023
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The reformation of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) addresses the growth of the industry as not only one of the most important sectors of the economy, but also a competitive enterprise on the global scale. Business is booming; the Australian Building and Construction Commission aims to lay down regulations to guide this boom towards further economic growth.

There have been numerous reports on malpractice and substandard products being released to the market. Windows are one such product that may be basic and unimposing at first glance, but actually entail complex quality checks. The evolution of standards and regulations, innovation of construction methods, and greater customer expectations call for just as greater care when selecting window products.

ABCC aims to provide manufacturers with invaluable knowledge on the different standards to which windows must be upheld. All products must be tested to the National Construction Code (NCC), with windows having further compliance checks with the Australian Standard AS 2047, citing “requirements for materials, construction, installation and glazing for external windows, sliding and swinging glazed doors, including French and bi-fold doors, adjustable louvres, shopfronts and window walls with one-piece framing elements.”

Among the other federal laws imposed by ABCC are the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act of 2016, the Fair Work Act of 2009, and the Independent Contractors Act of 2006. ABCC conducts regular presentations on such regulations, along with other key information, such as worker rights and responsibilities.

Window manufacturers who fail to comply with the building codes and workplace laws are subject to disciplinary action. It is within the jurisdiction of ABCC to refer a failure to comply to the Minister for Employment. The Minister for Employment will duly enforce any sanctions, including revoking of license to build, relative to the intention and duration of the failure to comply.

Workers can have an in-depth understanding of window standards and the importance of compliance to the NCC at the upcoming im电竞下载ios Expo 2017. Tracey Gramlick, Executive Director and CEO of the Australian Window Association (AWA), is a key speaker at the industry event of the year, identifying the requirements for windows and doors to meet Australian building regulations.

An active NCC and standards committees participant, Tracey Gramlick has a background in Engineering, a Masters in Technology Management and Business Administration, and over 30 years of fenestration expertise in im电竞下载ios, technical, production, education, materials and marketing roles, prior to her seat at AWA.


Tracey Gramlick will be speaking on Friday 5th May in Theatre 2 at im电竞下载ios. Tickets are $25.00 + GST and are now available through registration here.

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