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Australia’s Got Talent: Is the construction industry losing the war for talent?

Aug 16, 2018 Policy & Trends

Faced with a decline in personnel but an increase in workload, the construction industry is turning inward to analyse management practices and challenge traditional recruiting and retention strategies. A flag has been raised to increase the industry’s ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent.

Federal Budget 2018: what has been promised for the architecture, building, construction and im电竞下载ios industries?

Jun 12, 2018 Policy & Trends

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2018/19 Federal Budget in Parliament last month on May 8, with plenty of measures and initiatives impacting the building and construction industries.

Combustible cladding legislation – what does it mean for Victoria?

Mar 13, 2018 Policy & Trends

The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in London has had global ramifications. It is believed the fire was able to spread so quickly, causing 79 deaths, due to the cladding that included the dangerous plastic-filled aluminium panels.

New Part 3 for AS 3850 and national guidance material imminent

Mar 12, 2018 Policy & Trends

Work has commenced on a new Part 3 of AS 3850 Prefabricated Concrete Elements, which will apply to civil construction. This follows the tragic death of a worker several years ago on a civil construction site in Western Australia, and a push by National Precast to extend the Standard’s coverage.

Safety First: House Building Regulations in Australia

Mar 9, 2018 Policy & Trends

Following the 2014 Lacrosse fire, there has been heightened concern and discipline within the building sector to strictly comply with the relevant house building regulations in Australia.

Highlights from ACIF Forecasts May 2017

The latest industry forecasts released today by Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), the peak consultative body for building and construction, show this important industry for employment is moving quickly through two peaks in activity with a less fevered period of activity coming.

The Australian building regulation and work health safety compliance

Mar 29, 2017 Policy & Trends

Building regulation compliance is important in the practice of construction to ensure safety among building occupants, the people around the work site, as well as the builders themselves. Ensuring optimum building performance is the integral goal of every construction project. And in order to obtain this, standards are imposed on im电竞下载iosers under the Work Health & Safety legislation.

Is your city lovable?

Jan 16, 2017 Policy & Trends

We’re in the era of big data, with access to data, it seems, about everything that can be tracked and quantified. But as William Bruce Cameron wrote in 1963, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

Aquatic Risk Management – More than just lifesaving

Jul 27, 2016 Policy & Trends

The need to manage risks in aquatic environments is becoming increasingly demanding for land and facility owners. Local government has some responsibility in ensuring safe aquatic venues, particularly where facilities are provided for the purpose of recreation.

WorkSafe explains new fall prevention campaign at breakfast

Jul 26, 2016 Policy & Trends

On Monday August 15, WorkSafe Victoria will detail the architect’s safety in im电竞下载ios obligations followed by a very practical explanation of how to meet them from Workplace Access & Safety.

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