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Sep 16, 2020 Technology

When it comes to Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes the questions are endless…But where do you go to find the answers? Nathan Hildebrandt, founder of the The Digital Transition Podcast reports.

In 2018 Architect, Nathan Hildebrandt realised that key people that needed to learn about BIM were not frequenting the national conferences or attending the CityBIM events. Looking into it further through discussions with his clients, he learned that they were typically too busy to attend, or found the events were too technical for them to understand.

To address these issues, Nathan created “The Digital Transition” podcast series. The podcast series is specifically targeted at people that were tasked with implementing digital processes. Apart from learning about why BIM is beneficial and how and what steps need to be taken, the podcast aims to unravel the masses of misleading information and confusing terminology that is currently spread across the industry.

Currently, in its second season, each episode focuses on a key topic of interest. Nathan invites a different industry leader to contribute their expertise and share their knowledge in plain English. Together the episodes create a series of conversations, sharing knowledge and experiences to support you on your transition.

Key topics covered in this season include;

Episode 21 : Classification Systems with Sarah Delany. Nathan talks with Sarah about the importance of Classifications and although at first glance they appear very complex, their use follows the im电竞下载ios process and enables the breakup of your model for other BIM uses downstream.

Episode 22: Australasian BIM Advisory Board with Andrew Curthoys. Andrew discusses why the ABAB was formed, how it is being used currently by government agencies and what industry papers they have produced so far.

Episode 23: Legal issues in BIM with May Winfield. Construction law is a challenging topic, add the complexity of BIM and ISO19650 processes and you may find yourself in trouble. Hear about the legal issues in BIM and where you can learn more on how to address BIM in your contracts.

Episode 24: TMR’s Digital Transition with Bryan McSweeney. Hear about the digital transition undertaken so far from a government client representative for Transport and Main Road Queensland. Learn about the challenges of managing a significant asset base and how moving slowly might be a good approach for you in your organisation.

A further 6 episodes will be released this year as part of season two. Nathan will be interviewing other important guests including Thom Fussell, former chief architect of Project Services about the history of BIM in Queensland, an episode not to be missed by anyone currently in the industry.

To begin your digital transition and listen to the podcasts head to the website. https://www.skewed.com.au/podcasts

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